Advances in Equine Dental Care

Equine dental care has evolved rapidly over the last decade. There has been a revolution in dental research relating to the techniques, equipment and training of practitioners. So much so that treatment once considered implausible in the horse such as pulp capping, cheek tooth and root canal fillings are now being performed and researched in clinics by specialist equine vets.

Dental diseases such as pulpitis (when the blood and nerve supplies become inflamed), and periodontal (gum) disease are being identified at a much earlier stage thanks to enhanced imaging techniques such as digital x-ray, standing CT scan (computerized tomography) and oral endoscopy.

Despite these developments, advanced dental techniques that go beyond smoothing rough edges are met with scepticism by some horse owners who question the benefits of caps, fillings and tooth realignments and whether they’re really necessary. Read full report here….

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